Going Green, Staying Green in Federal Way

Going Green, Staying Green in Federal Way WA

Going Green, Staying Green in Federal Way

We here at Life and Health Chiropractic and Massage Centre are concerned about our environment, and have adapted many "green", or environmentally friendly procedures in our Federal Way WA office.

Our Green Office In Federal Way WA

You may have noticed when you sign our health privacy (HIPAA) and initial financial forms that you are signing a clear transparency on top of a single form with a wet-erase marker, which we then scan into your file. We save both paper and ink this way; in the last year we have been able to keep over 50% of our pages of paper from being wasted!

You may have also used an iPad to complete your intake or initial paperwork, and to complete any pain assessment forms. This little device has saved us again more than 50% of paper costs and gallons of printer ink. We know that for some people, the IPAD is a little less user-friendly than the traditional pen-and-paper approach; but thanks to your help, we are helping to reduce our carbon footprint and prevent the waste of valuable forest resources!

Speaking of iPads…in order to decrease the potential for antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria, and to decrease the use of unhealthy chemical cleaning products, we utilize special cleaning cloths to wipe down all of our touchable surfaces and our electronic equipment, like our iPads, which contain no chemical solvents. Instead, the cloths utilize a silver component embedded in the fabric that kills germs on contact using only water. Please see web page, courtesy of Norwex, below:

Norwex Products

What Is Norwex?

The Norwex cleaning system begins with the highest quality of microfiber. Our microfiber cloths clean any surface in your home with water alone to 99.9% bacteria free. They are more effective than bleach and all other household cleaners. Our cleaning system saves time and effort! It has been proven that when using Norwex Enviro Products, cleaning time is cut by 75% or more, and you save money by reducing your consumption of chemicals, sponges, and paper towels by up to 90%. The average household spends $450-$600 a year on these items. In short, our product line is very different than most because it is a product that every household needs on a daily basis!

Beyond Microfiber, we have a complete line of personal care products which allow you to cleanse your body gently, and naturally. As an example our shampoo, conditioner, and body wash do not contain harmful chemicals, preservatives and artificial scents. They leave your hair soft and shiny and your skin cleaner and softer, without exposing you to harmful preservatives. Our personal care line also includes products to help you pamper yourself. Our Shea Butter products contain the highest quality Shea butter and moisturize your skin hour after hour without leaving you feeling greasy.

Explore our complete line of products in the online store and be assured that the products you purchase are going to be more effective, healthier and better for the environment. Over time you will save time and money using Norwex products, and you will literally be able to breathe easier knowing you are reducing the amount of chemicals in your home that your loved ones are exposed to!

All products that Norwex offers support our company mission to reduce the amount of chemicals used for personal care and cleaning. Our microfiber cleaning products only need water to effectively clean smooth surfaces.

Our dry cleaning system is like a light weight vacuum cleaner. You have no electrical cord; just easy sweeping and you have dusted and removed more than 99% of the bacteria on your floors. Window cleaning is a breeze, just spray water on glass, mirrors or tiles and wipe off with the window cloth, and you have a shining surface to look at

Extra dirty and greasy surfaces like your cooking stove or front entrance need water to get those extra tough stains out. Spray water or add some water to our wet mop system and wipe off that dirt.

The toilet brush and mattress cleaner use enzymes to remove bacteria. These enzymes will literally "consume" the bacteria and sanitize your home.

Microfiber is also great for personal care. Use water instead of make-up remover to cleanse your face each night. Great for the skin and for family economy! Use our microfiber towels and your body will be as dry as before you took your bath or shower. Regain your skins moisture balance with our natural skin care products.

Don't believe it? Take the challenge and try.

To care about your microfiber products, please use the Norwex Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent. It is environmentally friendly and takes care of your products. Don't use any bleach or fabric softener and wash at medium temperatures to make your products last.

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