Chiropractic Testimonials

If you are a prospective new patient, below are excerpts from testimonials that speak to different new patient considerations. Also, we invite you to click the "Read Our Reviews" button for more current comments from our established patients.

Prior care: "This letter is written with heart felt gratitude for my improved health! It is amazing how you have helped me with my chronic back and neck problems. I have tried a variety of treatments over the years including massage, physical therapy, Rolfing, acupuncture, exercise, and yoga. Many of these therapists have recommended chiropractic services to me, but I was afraid of having my neck and back "manipulated. Wow, was I wrong!"

- Mark J.

Fear: "Your approach was educational and gentle. I appreciate that you have never forgotten my fear, even though I look back now and think how foolish and unfounded that fear was! Each session showed steady improvement in how I felt and moved. You worked with my limited availability and explained my progress on charts and graphs."

- Alicia K.

Side benefits: "The most amazing part of this journey for me has been the impact on my overall health. You encouraged me to develop a consistent exercise and stretching program. Therefore, I have lost weight and improved my strength and endurance. My message to others is that chiropractic care inspired me towards improved health. It doesn't get much better than that!"

- Jenny A.

Quality of life: "I truly thank you for your support, guidance and of course manipulations that have significantly improved my chronic back problems, and overall health and well-being!"

- Tim R.

"First class operation. Exceeded all my expectations and I am glad I made the jump to life and health."

- Joshua H.

"Loved it. Martha was very experienced and knowledgeable and answered many questions."

- Amy T.

"Martha has the magic touch! My massages last 3 weeks or more. She concentrated on my neck, back and right leg. Thanks to her diligent efforts, I am living "pain free", my posture has improved and the adjustments last longer."

- Patti L.

"Everything is always great and don't change a thing! Except the way my body feels."

- Joaquin G.

"Just amazed at the experience, knowledge, and professionalism. I now know what has been bothering me all these years."

- Joshua H.

"Very proactive in the feedback received. Wish the profession did more of it. Kudos to you!"

- Peter S.

"Thank you to the whole team. I am committed to my treatment and I am certain that improvement and understanding of my condition are in good hands and care. Thank you."

- Ben T.

"Everyone is so nice and I usually never have to wait at all! I appreciate the prompt and courteous service every time!"

- Camille K.

"So far, my chiropractic appointments have been great! The prenatal advice and treatment I'm receiving has helped minimized pain and maximized comfort. Also, with my busy work schedule, they've happily accommodated my need to re-schedule within a very short time frame. Thank you, Life and Health Chiropractic!"

- Nichole C.

"Appreciated office's accommodation to meet my schedule. Sandy did an excellent job!"

- Iris M.

"Excellent service, promptness and treated with kid gloves."

- John S.

"Nothing to change it is a great and personal and professional place."

- Teresa N.

"As a newer patient - I appreciate the time taken to explain everything and to make a personal connection. It helps me be more a part of my care and to be more engaged in the process."

- Andi F.

"If only you were "CLOSER" to Olympia where I have to come from... Every time we have been up there, everything has been "EXCELLENT". Thank you so much."

- Karen P.

"If you need treatment BEST place to go."

- Judy G.

"Don't change anything! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming! Made me feel at home and eased my tension."

- Melissa N.

"Looking forward to my next appointment."

- Kathy J.

"Excellent service I am always treated with respect and dignity."

- John S.

"Grateful for the last minute accommodations. Visiting from out of state with a busy schedule. Son was in pain and after the adjustments he was able to keep up with our schedule. Thank you so much!"

- Raymond S.

"I've been in for workmans comp, a car accident and general adjustments and massage and have always enjoyed my visits."

- Barry S.

"I love Life and Health Chiropractic and refer you to family and friends whenever I can!"

- Laurie H.

“I Was Taking 600 Mg Of Ibuprofen Daily.”
"I came to see the Chiropractor for: rupture of L4 and L5. Symptoms included: pain that radiated from lower back to all the way down to lower legs, mostly the right leg.

The pain was located: in the lower back. The pain was: consistent, acute pain.

I was taking: 600 mg of Ibuprofen daily.

I decided to try Chiropractic because: one of my co-workers suggested seeing a chiropractor before seeing a surgeon or a specialist. I had never been to a Chiropractor previously.

At first I had doubts that Chiropractic care would help me; at the beginning I thought I needed more than just Chiropractic. After I was seen, I started feeling better.

My first impressions of Chiropractic and this office, and of Kepler: friendly staff, welcomed to the clinic, and greeted with a smile. The doctor is great; he listens to me and tries help as he can.

Recommendations made by Dr. Kepler were: adjustments, massage therapy, and physical therapy.

My results: I feel better; the pain is less after a month and my function is much better.

To others who are sick, suffering, or in pain, I would recommend: depending on their injury, if they have something similar to my situation, I would recommend seeing a Chiropractor before a surgeon or cortisone injection.

About Chiropractic care, everybody asks about how is my back doing. I tell them I’m healing and doing Chiropractic.

Now that I have enjoyed the benefits of Chiropractic, how I feel is: it helped me a lot, thank you Dr. Keli!"


- Abdal Zeki
Date: 07/11/2014

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