What To Expect At Our Clinic In Federal Way WA

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

To ensure your visit with our clinic in Federal Way WA is a pleasant one, here are the procedures you can expect during your first visit with us that will take about 45-60 minutes:

  1. Paperwork: We are going green! We will need you to complete a brief health questionnaire on our I-Pad. If you have never used one before, we will have a patient navigator assist you with this process. These forms will help us get to know you and your concerns, and provide us with the necessary information to document your care needs for your insurance. You'll be given a copy of our written financial policies (they are also on the website), and all of your financial questions will be answered.
  2. Consultation: You'll meet your provider (doctor or LMP), who will listen to your concerns and review your health history. When you arrive for your first massage therapy visit, your therapist will spend some of your "massage" hour to understand your history and goals. You will be advised of the cost of any procedure prior to it's provision. You'll get all of your questions answered.
  3. Examination: Specialized and precise spinal evaluations will be performed by the doctor to determine the cause(s) of your problem(s). The examination will make sense to you, and you'll
    know you're on the right track to getting the help you need.
    X-rays: Only if needed to visualize the location of any spinal problems and make your care more precise; they are usually taken at the hospital and reviewed by a medical radiologist before they reach my office.
  4. Treatment: If care is deemed appropriate after correlating your examination findings, you may be treated on your first visit. At home adjunctive therapy procedures will also be prescribed to help reduce inflammation and make you more comfortable.
  5. Treatment Plan: Your provider will outline a plan designed for your unique health issues and goals. This plan will take into account your health goals, your time and busy lifestyle, and your financial considerations.
  6. Your first visit with us is complete. Plan to spend about 30 minutes on your next visit to discuss your care with your provider and receive treatment. Then, visits will typically take about 15-20 minutes of your time for chiropractic and 60 minutes for massage. We do our very best to be on time and stay within the time parameters you are expecting.

Your First Visit in Federal Way WA

Even before you consider to visit our office, we realize there is much for you to consider. Your time, our location, your energy to make your first inquiry call, our reception of your call, and more.

The list is long and all of it is important to you, and to us. We do hope you decide to call us, your Federal Way Chiropractic and Massage Clinic.

And once you're in our office, it starts again. Your first visit is about you deciding even more things for yourself...

  • Am I comfortable in the office?
  • Is it professional and clean?
  • Am I treated with friendliness and respect by the staff at the front desk?
  • Are they glad to see me?

Is the provider friendly and professional and glad to see me?
Our goal is to make it easy for you to answer "YES" to each. We enjoy our jobs, our team of professionals, our office and our patients. Join us!

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